The Structure Management & Consulting B.V. focuses on supporting its clients with delivering structured, consistent and highly professional solutions in challenging business situations.

Zsolt Szirony Structure Management & Consulting B.V.Our uncompromised business values (professionalism, integrity and transparency) are fully in line with the requirements of most professional organizations.

Our clients are typically in need of highly qualified professional resources on a short term basis. As a response, we provide them with programme/project management or interim management solutions, tailored to their specific situation.

Structure Management & Consulting B.V. | We deliver resources on the following fields – evidenced by highlighted experience: 

Risk Management for retail or commercial banking

Qualified Financial Risk Manager – FRM ® – with a broad range of experience

Operations and Quality Management

In-depth experience as interim Operations and Quality Manager

Products and Business Development

Several years of relevant experience, starting up, turning around and exiting various business units and product lines

Investment Management

Cutting-edge expertise in developing business cases, term sheets and proposals, as well as in transaction & vendor management

Structure Management & Consulting B.V.

Structure Management & Consulting B.V. builds on the 20 years business experience of its owner and managing director. It can also take on broader projects and programmes on related areas in co-operation with some prescreened business partners who are committed to the same business values.

Structure Management & Consulting B.V.
The managing director has 20 years business experience. He has spent 14 years in the Financial Services sector in various management functions. He has proven accomplishments in international business development, program and project management.

He has fulfilled line management roles on the field of risk management, quality management, product development, marketing and operations. Next to financial services he has also consulting, marketing research and telemarketing experience. He has quite an international background: he was born in Hungary and has work experience in The Netherlands, Germany, Romania and US. He is business fluent in English and Hungarian and conversational on Dutch and German. He holds an Executive MBA from the Rotterdam School of Management and an MSc from Budapest University of Economic Sciences.

Value Proposition STRUCTURE M&C Structure Management & Consulting B.V

Structure Management & Consulting B.V.
What we offer to our clients is a high quality of services and full dedication. Seeing my business experience, I can support your organisation on the following 5 business domains:

  • Risk Management,
  • Quality Management,
  • Product Development,
  • Marketing and
  • Operations

Our proposition can be classified into the following four categories:

  • Program and Project Management,
  • Interim Management,
  • Change Management and
  • Investment Management

Please see these areas explained in details below.
Value Proposition STRUCTURE M&C Structure Management & Consulting

Within program and project management my first major accomplishment was a Turnaround Program for ABN AMRO Bank in Hungary. I was working in the project team responsible for designing a new sales management cycle. After that I moved to the Netherlands, I was managing various business development projects. Later I was in charge for setting up green-field business units and establishing a joint venture. I had a group of dedicated project managers, project assistants and had to engage with the local senior management and numerous stakeholders.

Later as an external consultant, I supported a group of private investors in the acquisition of a German bank.

Where can I add value? That depends on your business situation, but I could play the role of a Program Manager or just be part of your PMO organisation. Alternatively I could also run a dedicated, specific project or be a Project Controller monitoring cost, time and quality.

Value Proposition STRUCTURE M&C Structure Management & Consulting

I would like to highlight two major achievements on the field of interim management. One achievement was within Deutsche Bank’s Risk Division which supports the Commercial Banking activities. There I was ad interim fulfilling the role of Operations Manager within a specific transaction called Credit Umbrella. I had the responsibility to:

  • Lead and coach the Operations Team
  • Optimise processes
  • Control quality
  • Design the organisation and
  • Manage specific projects

The most important project I was running here was a system migration.

The other responsibility I would like to mention was an interim risk and quality manager function for ABN AMRO Bank in Germany.

Where can I add value to your organisation? I would like to mention those five areas where I have multiple years of expertise and can act as Interim Manager:

  • Risk Management
  • Quality Management
  • Product Development
  • Marketing
  • Operations

Value Proposition STRUCTURE M&C Structure Management & Consulting

On the area of Change Management, I would draw your attention to the following two successes. First of all, I was setting up two lending units for an international financial institution, ABN AMRO Bank in Germany. I had to carry out Quick Scans, write Business Cases for the board and deliver Implementation Blueprints. Finally I was the responsible Program Manager to set up these units.
Prior to this experience, I was part of a Turnaround Program in Hungary where we had to put ABN AMRO Bank on a profitable growth path. Personally I was involved with the design and implementation of a new sales management cycle, including a training program and toolkits.

Where can I add value to your company? I can support you with start-ups, turnarounds and also with exit and divestment decisions. On any of these fields, I am pleased to work together with you in the future.

Value Proposition STRUCTURE M&C Structure Management & Consulting

With regard to investment management, I would mention two major transactions. In the first one I was working for ABN AMRO Bank and was arranging a Joint Venture Mortgage Lender with another Financial Institution in Romania. In the second one I was managing a bank acquisition transaction in Germany for a group of private investors.

Where can I add value to your investment activities? Potentially I could support you in the preparation of Business Cases, coordinating Term Sheets, Investment Proposals or managing the vendors in such a large scale transaction including quality and cost control.

Value Proposition STRUCTURE M&C Structure Management & Consulting

On the field of Risk Management, I gained my first experience with ABN AMRO Bank where I was acting as interim Risk Manager in Germany for a mortgage lending unit. Later on I was supporting an IT company setting up a brief Risk Management Framework based upon their business model and processes. I was also proud of having the opportunity to work for Deutsche Bank’s Risk Division in The Netherlands for two and a half years on the Credit Umbrella transaction.

My potential contribution with regard to risk management can cover the following areas:

  • Running larger projects, programs with some risk management angle;
  • Fulfilling some interim functions or
  • Designing and implementing a Risk Management Framework for smaller organizations

Value Proposition STRUCTURE M&C Structure Management & Consulting

I have relevant experience with various aspects of quality management. When I joined ABN AMRO Bank in Hungary, I was the head of the Customer Insight Department which next to marketing research was also responsible for carrying out quality management surveys. Subsequently when I was working in Germany I became the Quality Manager of a local mortgage lender.

Years later when I had an assignment with Deutche Bank Risk Management as interim Operations Manager, I was also responsible for process optimisation and maximising the quality of our output.
Seeing all this experience I can imagine various areas where I can contribute to your organisation. For example in:

  • Designing quality-related surveys,
  • Process definition and improvement and
  • Setting up a Quality Management Framework.

Value Proposition STRUCTURE M&C Structure Management & Consulting

Allow me to explain my product development-related business experience. When I was working for ABN AMRO Bank in Hungary within the Marketing and Product Development Directorate, as the Head of Customer Insight Department, I was supporting numerous product launches. We delivered all the required market information and research insights.

When I was managing business development projects, the typical scope of such assignments were:

  • Market scans,
  • Definition of value drivers and
  • Development of new product propositions.

Also as Risk Manager I was constantly engaged with the product development function when I delivered the product programmes and risk policies.

Considering all these product-related experience, I could support you on the following areas:

  • Reviewing your product portfolio (from a risk and profitability point)
  • Providing marketing research support for your product development function or
  • Preparing Business Cases together with your experts.

Value Proposition STRUCTURE M&C Structure Management & Consulting

Please bear with me for a second that I can explain how I gained my expertise with regard to marketing. I started my career in a Telemarketing company carrying out in- and outbound campaigns. In a later stage I also contributed to the analysis of these surveys. In my next career step I moved to a marketing research company where I was running both quantitative and qualitative surveys. I was moderating focus groups, performing in-depth interviews and coordinating nation-wide representative surveys. Having this experience I became the Head of Business-To-Business Research leading a dedicated team of professionals.

Gaining sufficient experience I joined the client side, ABN AMRO Bank for which I was managing the Marketing Research (later Customer Insight) Department. I have learned how to transfer research information into business insights supporting the realisation of the marketing strategy.

Having said that I can foresee supporting you in multiple ways, for example:

  • Designing and analysing marketing surveys or
  • Arranging your marketing research activities within a project or interim assignment

Value Proposition STRUCTURE M&C Structure Management & Consulting

On the field of operations, I would like to share the following experience with you. When I was working for ABN AMRO Bank as Programme Manager responsible for setting up green-field units, I was also in charge of the process design and optimisation and carrying out some spot-checks within the Operations Team.

Later on I was working as interim Operations Manager within Deutsche Bank Risk Management where I had the responsibility to:

  • Lead and coach the Operations Team
  • Optimise processes
  • Control quality
  • Design the organisation and
  • Manage specific projects

Accordingly I can add value to your organisation with the following activities:

  • Process and Procedure reviews,
  • Quality Control,
  • Running projects on the field of operations or
  • Acting as interim Operations Manager

Value Proposition STRUCTURE M&C Structure Management & Consulting